Compressed Air Brake Cleaners: Spray Vs. Aerosol Cans?

Answer Brake cleaners allow the user to penetrate into the compact, yet dirty area of the braking system that is otherwise difficult to clean. Brake cleaner can be projected by a spray bottle or an aeroso... Read More »

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Refillable Compressed Air Brake Cleaner Spray Vs. Aerosol Cans?

Car drivers will inevitably notice the layer of brake dust on their wheels after driving for a few days. This brake dust can be removed with brake cleaners, either through an aerosol can or a refil... Read More »

How Do I Unplug Spray Nozzles on New Aerosol Spray Cans?

Under pressure and prone to failing, aerosol spray cans' spray nozzles are also not immune to popping off when you are trying to use them. Clogged spray nozzles affect all types of aerosol spray ca... Read More »

Can I recycle aerosol cans?

An aerosol can should only be recycled if it's completely empty. If the can isn't empty, a hazardous waste facility should be contacted for proper removal instructions (see Resources). If the can i... Read More »

Can aerosol cans be put in the garbage?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, aerosol containers can be thrown away with other household garbage. However, if the cans contain hazardous waste materials, you may be required to ... Read More »