Comprehension Activities for 5th Grade Students?

Answer Reading comprehension can affect a child's performance in school and ability to learn. This vital skill influences a person's chances for success well into adulthood. Consequently, it's a wise idea... Read More »

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How to Improve Third Grade Students' Reading Fluency & Comprehension?

The expected reading fluency of a child entering the third grade is 90 words per minute. Reading fluency refers to the ability to read accurately with proper speed and comprehension. It is the resp... Read More »

Activities for Students With Comprehension Disabilitiy?

Reading comprehension differs from the simple ability to read. Students can be strong readers, yet still have difficulty decoding and understanding what they are reading. Interactive reading can im... Read More »

4th Grade Reading Comprehension Activities?

By the time they hit fourth grade, many students are reading fluently and quickly, but they don't necessarily retain or even fully understand everything they read. Reading comprehension activities ... Read More »

Activities for 8th Grade Reading Comprehension?

Mastering reading comprehension is important for 8th graders as they leave middle school and prepare to enter high school, where they will need to be able to understand information in textbooks and... Read More »