Compound Word Learning Centers?

Answer Compound words, or words made up of two or more little words, are an important step in the reading and comprehension process for early elementary school students. Learning centers, or times when st... Read More »

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Learning Styles & Learning Centers?

Learning styles are variable for each individual but usually have three basic types: auditory, visual or kinesthetic. To provide the best education for students, learning centers where students get... Read More »

What Are Learning Centers?

Learning centers are independent stations established in classrooms where students can join and get involved in certain activities. Students can choose their centers and the amount of time they wis... Read More »

Learning Through the Use of Centers?

Learning centers are becoming increasingly common in the modern classroom. A learning center is an area of your class specifically dedicated to one area of study, with activities and games to match... Read More »

ABC Learning Centers?

Learning centers are a vital part of the kindergarten classroom. Similar to small labs within the room, the centers make it possible for young pupils to work on their own and focus on one subject a... Read More »