Composite Volcano Facts for Kids?

Answer Volcanoes are formed when a vent in the earth reaches all the way down into pockets of molten rock called magma. This magma escapes from the vent and builds up a mound around the vent when it cools... Read More »

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Facts on Volcano Eruptions for Kids?

An erupting volcano is one of nature's most spectacular and breathtaking events. Few things demonstrate the power of Earth's natural forces more vividly than a volcano's flying rocks, flowing lava... Read More »

Is Mauna Loa a composite volcano?

Mauna Loa formed as a shield volcano. Unlike composite volcanoes, which have steep sides, Mauna Loa slopes gently. The largest of the world's shield volcanoes, Mauna Loa also remains the world's mo... Read More »

Elements of a Composite Cone Volcano?

Composite cone volcanoes are also called stratovolcanoes. Some of the tallest volcanoes on Earth are of this type. In the United States, Mount Saint Helens in Washington and Mount Shasta in Califor... Read More »

How to Build a Volcano for Kids?

Interactive learning projects are a great way to capture a child's interest, especially in subjects such as science. Few projects are as exciting for young children as a homemade volcano. Whether f... Read More »