Component to HDMI adapter?

Answer Read the reviews of that cable found by Saeran at… if you're thinking of buying it.The cable will probably not work on your setup because it's meant for d... Read More »

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Hdmi vs. component cables how much better is hdmi?

sirbobx has it mostly right.hdmi Carry's a separate signal encoded to stop video is also a compacted form of carrying the digital form of rgb/ypbpr component with my opinion the ... Read More »

HDMI or Component?

When using HDMI the signal remains in the digital realm therefore eliminating the chance of signal degradation.

Component cable to HDMI tv?

Not with the info you give. You don't even say if your Sony is a 1080i.

Can hdmi convert to component video?

You cannot convert one to the other. HDMI is digital, and has built-in Digital Rights Management (copy protection). Component is analog and has no protection. Some upper model surround receivers ca... Read More »