Completely nude during jaw surgery?

Answer I have gotten two surgeries done in my life time (21 years old) and they always had me undress all the way and but on two hospital gowns (one closing the back and one closing the front). Just depen... Read More »

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Is it safe to be pregnant after MVR heart surgery and taking medicine for it after surgery during pregnancy?

Check with your doctor if the package directions do not tell you the answer.

What greek male celebrity's have posed nude or even semi nude and where can i find the pictures?

Search on web for Theo Theodoridis……Giannis Spaliaras…Sakis Rouvas

Did Kendra Wilkinson of Girls Next Door have recent plastic surgery she looks completely different?

I get about 8 hours of sleep a night, but during the school day I'm completely exausted. Why is this?

Are you eating a balanced diet? If not, that could be why you're so tired. Think of your body as a car - it needs fuel (food) in order to run. Put the right fuel (food) in, and your body will go... Read More »