Complete Specifications on CV Joint Shafts?

Answer Although CV joint shafts come in a variety of designs, there are some specification commonalities that all CV joint shafts utilize. It should be noted that specific measurements for torques ratings... Read More »

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Ball Joint Specifications?

A ball joint is the part of a car that connects the steering system to the wheels via the suspension. This is done through a spherical design that is allowed to pivot as the driver moves the steeri... Read More »

K778 Ball Joint Specifications?

The Moog K778 upper ball joint is a suspension part for Chrysler vehicles. The ball joints are an integral part of your car's front suspension. In most suspension designs, there are four upper and ... Read More »

Moog Ball Joint Specifications?

A high quality ball joint improves the safety and quality of an automobile's steering system. Ball joints are a type of connection where a spherical bearing rotates within a socket; they are common... Read More »

How come so many doctors view temporomandibular joint dysfunction TMJ as a psychiatric problem when all it is is a jaw joint dislocation?

AnswerUnfortunatly not all doctors or dentist know enough about TMJ to come with the correct diagnosis.If a doctor tells you that you have psychiatric problems, the best thing is consult someone else.