Complementary Colors to Teal Blue?

Answer Unlike black, white and gray, which are colors considered to work with the majority of other colors, teal blue works with select colors. Teal is a strong color, and it can be paired with other stro... Read More »

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House Paint Colors & Complementary Trim Colors?

Using a color with its complement, defined as its opposite on the color wheel, allows the colors to make each other stand out due to the contrast. While this may seem garish on a house, selecting y... Read More »

How to Calculate Complementary Colors?

Simply put, complementary colors are exact opposites of each other. When placed side by side, the colors contrast and both appear to be more vibrant. This effect is very appealing to the human eye ... Read More »

Complementary Exterior Paint Colors?

Complementary colors are colors found opposite of each other on the color wheel, such as red and green, blue and yellow, and purple and orange. These are colors that are known to stand out from eac... Read More »

Do the colors deep teal&royal purple go together?

On One Hand: Color Matching and Personal TasteMatching colors either in your wardrobe or wall colors in your home can be subjective. Royal purple and deep teal are both rich colors, and when comb... Read More »