Complaints of homeowners in court against condominium association?

Answer You don't indicate in your question whether you have a court action or are contemplating one. If owners are already in court in an action against the association, the key will be documentation and ... Read More »

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What is the difference between a Condominium Homeowners Association and a Townhouse or Plan Unit Development Homeowners Association?

A condo or townhouse Homeowners' Association (HOA) governs a group of condos, wherein the association is responsible for the maintenance of the outside of the building(s), landscaping, and utilitie... Read More »

How to Respond to Homeowners Association Complaints?

Many people live in developments, condominiums and other housing that is subject to rules set forth by a homeowners association. It is up to each resident in such a community to obtain a copy of th... Read More »

What are the risks and advantages of a homeowners association in a condominium project and in other types of developments?

Answer The risk has been that your homeowners association will overstep its bounds in managing the common property. Some have gone head to head on displaying flags, realtor signs, front doors, park... Read More »

Is condominium Homeowners Association responsible for personal property when water damage occurs?

Two issues arise here: repair/ replacement and payment for water damage. One can assume that the personal property involved in the water damage event was located inside your unit, or inside your as... Read More »