Compatible Minolta XGM lenses?

Answer You can only use the Vivitar lens if its in a Minolta mount. Look at the mount end of the lens. Does it have screw threads? If so you'll need an M42 to Minolta SR (often confusingly called MC or MD... Read More »

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Are minolta af lenses compatible sony alpha?

For the Sony Alpha you will see the terms A mount, AF mount, MAF mount, Alpha mount, Minolta AF mount. The correct term is "A mount".A few years ago Sony acquired the camera division of Konica-Min... Read More »

Do Minolta lenses fit a Sony slr camera?

Minolta auto focus A-mount lenses will work on Sony Alpha Digital SLR cameras that have an A-mount design. Minolta manual focus SR lenses can work on a Sony Alpha camera, but only with an adapter. ... Read More »

Do all Minolta AF lenses fit all Maxxum camera bodies?

The Minolta Maxxum series of cameras were built with Minolta's A-Mount metal ring mounting system. Minolta AF (Auto-Focus) lenses were built in the A-Mount style, and are therefore compatible with ... Read More »

Will the lenses from my Minolta X700 fit a digital?

Yes. When the Konica/Minolta single-lens reflex (SLR) system was discontinued in the mid-2000s, Sony took over that camera technology. Your autofocus (not manual-focus) Minolta lenses will fit on S... Read More »