Comparison of Firming Creams?

Answer The skin care industry is booming, especially in the antiaging arena. One reason people purchase antiaging products is to firm and tighten skin. Since there are a plethora of products on the marke... Read More »

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Do breast firming creams work?

On One Hand: They Really WorkMakers of breast firming creams make strong claims about their products: a cream "tightens the tissue on and around your breasts", increases the "elasticity and firmnes... Read More »

How to Compare Firming Body Creams?

Body firming creams have been on the beauty scene for more than a decade. Exaggerated claims will suggest these creams are miracles in a bottle. But product users often report that the creams turn... Read More »

Do breast firming creams really work?

On One Hand: No, They Don'tMost breasts begin to sag as they grow in weight or age. Despite the claims of "breast firming" lotions and creams, the majority of the breast is composed of muscle and ... Read More »

How to Compare Firming & Anti-Cellulite Creams?

According to the Mayo Clinic, eight out of 10 women have some degree of cellulite. A wide variety of skin firming and anti-cellulite creams exist for this harmless (though unsightly) condition. Wit... Read More »