Comparison Between Circle Hooks & J-Hooks?

Answer Circle hooks and J hooks are named after the design and the way the hook point is shaped. Both are used when fishing with natural baits or live baits. Although there is little difference in catch r... Read More »

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Kinds of Hooks?

The experienced angler knows there are many different kinds of fishing hooks. Learning How To Fish website advises to use as small a hook as possible when pursuing your quarry, since smaller hooks ... Read More »

How to Tye Snelled Hooks?

Fishing line is slick and thin, and because of this specialized knots have been created. To tie a hook to a line involves snelling: wrapping the fishing line on the hook in such a way that the knot... Read More »

How many hooks are on a smelt jig?

Jigs, a lure traditionally used to catch bass, are a single hook covered in pork or plastic. Today, jigs are used to catch many different types of fish, so the size of the hook varies.Source:Big Fi... Read More »

How old is tamara hooks of hsn?

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