Comparing 20-Inch Tires?

Answer In years past, if you had any rims larger than 16 inches, they were considered large. As the 2000s progressed, 20-inch rims and tires became more popular and have become included as standard featur... Read More »

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Comparing General Tires With Goodyear Tires?

Goodyear is an automotive company specializing in the manufacturing and selling of tires. A Goodyear tire has specific qualities that can you help you differentiate between Goodyear and other brands.

How to Switch from 26 Inch Tires to 24 Inch Tires on a Bicycle?

Switching from 26-inch tires to 24-inch tires is not possible or wise unless the bicycle in question has disc brakes. Converting a bicycle with rim brakes from 26-inch wheels to 24-inch wheels is i... Read More »

Comparing 42-Inch LCD TVs?

With prices for LCD TVs coming down, more manufacturers are making them than ever before. And because they are so thin, fitting a 42-inch TV into a room is possible where projection TVs would never... Read More »

Do 17-inch tires mean 17-inch wheels?

Tire sizes match wheel sizes. A 17-inch tire fits a 17-inch wheel. The number is the diameter, or distance across the center, of the wheel rim. Ensure wheel and tire match before installation. Size... Read More »