Compare the Virginia Company Colonies with the Plymouth Colony?

Answer The colonies of Virginia and Massachusetts both began with voyages financed by corporations. The first colony in Virginia was founded at Jamestown in 1607. The Pilgrims started their colony in Plym... Read More »

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Who founded the virginia colony?

The Virginia colony was founded in 1607 when colonist John Smith sailed to and established the first permanent settlement at Jamestown. While the settlement at Roanoke Island predates Jamestown, th... Read More »

How to Compare Virginia Car Insurance?

In Virginia, as in nearly all states, car insurance is mandatory. However, insurance also costs money, and depending on the amount of coverage you need or want, it can cost quite a bit of money. So... Read More »

How to Compare Closing Costs in Virginia?

Closing a mortgage loan in Virginia is far from an inexpensive matter. You can expect to pay thousands of dollars to both your lender and to the many third-party companies -- everything from real e... Read More »

Virginia Limited Liability Company Act?

The Virginia Limited Liability Company (LLC) Act, enacted by the General Assembly of Virginia in 1991, allows individuals and entities such as partnerships to create businesses that retain the tax ... Read More »