Compare the Lymphatic System to the Circulatory System?

Answer Networks of vessels, capillaries and organs move fluids through our bodies to distribute nutrients and filter waste. There are several systems but two of them -- the circulatory and lymphatic syste... Read More »

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How Does the Muscular System Work With the Circulatory System?

All the systems of the body work closely together to maintain homeostasis--the dynamic balance of internal conditions which the body works constantly to preserve. The muscular system and circulator... Read More »

How to Flush the Lymphatic System?

You body's lymphatic system plays a vital role in maintaining your health. The lymphatic system removes waste, toxins and even cancer cells from lymph, or intercellular fluid. Once lymph nodes are ... Read More »

The Lymphatic System for Kids?

By learning different physiological systems, children can better understand human biology and the actions of their own bodies. The lymphatic system, or lymph system, prevents the intrusion of forei... Read More »

What is the human circulatory system?

The human circulatory system, sometimes called the cardiovascular system, is responsible for transporting blood through the body through blood vessels.Circulatory SystemThe heart moves blood throug... Read More »