Company sent me free laptop by accident?

Answer Warranty error, or valid warranty reaction by the company. It's yours man. Probably Avertatec just doesnt keep track of their stuff right. Their fault. They cant bill you for it. Sell that sucker o... Read More »

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Is there a law that states that in a car accident the insurance company only pay per accident or do the pay each individual that was in the accident?

No and yes. The city will not offer you your money back, however, you can sue the officer who mistakenly arrested you in small claims or civil court. The precedent-setting case is happening right n... Read More »

What can you do if you had an accident and a ticket was given but later cancelled and there is no violation on record but the insurance company is still surcharging for the accident?

Answer If the insurance company had to pay anything for damamges, then they will raise your rates for it. An accident will be on your record whether at fault or not and whether or not you got a ti... Read More »

How do I report a car accident to an insurance company?

Call Right AwayContact your car insurance company to report the car accident while the information is still fresh. The number for your insurance company can be found on your insurance card or your ... Read More »

How to Sue an Insurance Company After an Auto Accident?

You may be able to sue an insurance company after an auto accident for personal injuries, pain and suffering, property damage and lost wages if you were involved in an accident where you were not a... Read More »