Company Manager Job Description?

Answer The day-to-day responsibilities of a company manager, also known as general manager, change based on the industry and the company that they work for. However, a general manager is essential to ensu... Read More »

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Finance Company Manager Job Description?

Individuals often need to make large purchases, but do not have the finances to make these purchases. Financial companies loan money to these individuals and then ask them to pay back the loan by m... Read More »

Job Description for the General Manager of a Contracting Company?

The general manager of a contracting company formulates corporate policies and guidelines by which personnel must abide when performing tasks. The manager also supervises the work of department hea... Read More »

The Difference Between an IT Manager & an IT Operations Manager's Job Description?

The job descriptions for IT Operations Manager and IT Manager are largely interchangeable. Any differences focus on operations, which suggests involvement with day-to-day operations issues versus s... Read More »

Will liability insurance cover it if an employee sues the company and the manager if an employee gets hurt and says the manager was negligent?

Answer Worker's comp would be the employees only refielf unless he alleges the owner was guilty of gross negligence, altered a safety device, etc.