Community Property Laws in California for a 10-Year Marriage?

Answer Each state's family laws establish the property rights between divorcing spouses. In California, the legislature requires courts to follow the California Family Code when dividing property between ... Read More »

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Can a Lien Be Placed on Community Property in a Marriage?

Marital community property laws involve the concept that the two people in the marriage are equal partners, not necessarily that they merged into one entity. Within a marriage, there is both separa... Read More »

Kansas Community Property Laws?

Depending upon where you live, the courts can have a great deal of control and authority over what you walk away from a marriage with. In Kansas, judges have broad discretion over the division of a... Read More »

Florida Community Property Laws?

In the law, community property is a type of marital property regime that states that the majority of property acquired during a marriage is owned by both spouses. This means that the property is di... Read More »

California Legal Rights and Laws for Marriage?

California grants rights to all people who are legally married such as filing joint tax returns, making medical decisions for each other and inheriting property from each other upon death. For two ... Read More »