Community Involvement Projects for Youth?

Answer Children often need to be pressed into being active and not planted in front of the television. It takes even more creativity to spur them to be active and community-minded. There's no shortage of ... Read More »

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How to Write an Essay on Community Involvement?

Whether you have the urge to write an Op Ed piece for your local newspaper to decry the lack of interest you've observed when neighbors ignore community activities or it's the essay topic you've ch... Read More »

How do i write an essay on community involvement?

BrainstormingBrainstorm a list of leadership or volunteer experiences and list what each experience has taught or changed you. On a separate sheet of paper, brainstorm a list of obstacles or challe... Read More »

Parent & Community Involvement in Middle Schools?

If you are a parent of a child in middle school, you know that the transition from elementary to middle school can be tough. By working with the school, you can help make sure that your child's tim... Read More »

Parent Involvement Projects?

When parents become involved in their children's education, children tend to do better in their classes. Home and school working together creates a stronger foundation for children and shows them t... Read More »