Community Garden Plants?

Answer As the urban gardening trend expands, community gardens meet the demands of city gardeners who do not have space for a garden of their own. Community gardens are generally planted in an area access... Read More »

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How to Use a Concrete Garden Bench in a Garden to Set Plants On?

Using a concrete garden bench to hold plants is a great way to make a functional portion of a garden beautiful and decorative. Concrete garden benches are great for holding planters as part of a co... Read More »

How to Start a Community Garden?

No yard to plant a vegetable or flower garden? No problem! Band together with neighbors to turn an unused tract of land into a shared garden of Eden.

How to Prevent Theft from a Community Garden?

If you didn't put in the effort to grow it, then no, it's not yours free.Unfortunately, hard times lead some people to do things that harm the community efforts around them. And one area targeted i... Read More »

Carnation Plants for the Garden?

Carnations belong to Dianthus, a genus derived from the Greek words "Dios," meaning the god Zeus, and "anthos," meaning flower. Most modern carnations are interbred with other Dianthus plants, suc... Read More »