Communities that are dominated by shrubs are also aknown as?

Answer chaparrel.

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Which political party dominated national politics in the U.S. after World War I?

Politics in the U.S. after World War I were dominated by the Republican party, who secured majorities in the Senate and House of Representatives during this time. The Republicans also won president... Read More »

Can philosophy continue to have meaning&a role in a world dominated by positive science?

On One Hand: A Moral CompassEmpirical, positivist science might dominate our way of understanding the world, but it is important to question the extent to which this understanding can be considered... Read More »

How to Remain Feminine in a Male Dominated High School Physical Education Class?

It's always awkward being the only girl in PE. Follow these steps to retain your femininity and still have fun playing with the guys!

Will a completely algorithmic / black-box trading dominated market be more easily prone to massive loses?

I think this was true 10 years ago, and indeed it opened the door to market cascading as programs set in without human control or thought.At the same time, I think it was intentional human manipula... Read More »