Communities that are dominated by shrubs are also aknown as?

Answer chaparrel.

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Abiotic & Biotic Factors That Restrict or Limit Biological Communities?

Several factors restrict a specific species' growth in a biological community (a species is just one type of organism; the biological community refers to all organisms in a particular area). These ... Read More »

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Shrubs That Produce a Red Dye?

Plants and shrubs were the first source of textile dyes. In all cultures, spinners and weavers used native flora to provide color to their handiwork. Although chemical dyes provide a more uniform a... Read More »

Shrubs That Scratch?

Shrubs with thorns can cause painful scratches if they are not handled with care. Many shrubs grow thorns as a self-defense mechanism, keeping animals that would otherwise feed on them at bay. Dens... Read More »