Common structural elements of a condo?

Answer Read your governing documents to determine which real estate assets you own, and which are owned in common with all other owners. Generally, there is a boundary inside your unit where your ownershi... Read More »

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Are storm windows in a condo considered common elements?

Read your governing documents to determine who owns the storm windows, or if the definition of storm windows is written there. There is no standard in condominiums about who owns storm windows. In ... Read More »

Would a dock that is attached to a condominium with boat slips which are deeded to individual owners of units in condo be part of the common elements?

Read your governing documents to determine the ownership status, the maintenance responsibility and the other pertinent details associated with the boat slips in your community.

Where does it say that the association is responsible for outside structural repairs of condo buildings?

That question is covered under the area in which the "Common Property" belonging to the Association is described. The outside of the buildings would be considered the same as the parking lots and s... Read More »

In a condo association is maintenance defined as mowing of lawns and edging the same as landscaping of common element around the perimeter of a condo?

Your governing documents, including any maintenance tasks included in the annual budget will give you the answer to your question.Generally, all lawns, except lawns specifically owned and maintaine... Read More »