Common Uses of Silicon Dioxide in Food?

Answer Food manufacturers use silicon dioxide to maintain the consistency of products and to improve their manufacturing processes. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers silicon dioxide safe fo... Read More »

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What amazing uses or cures have you found for common household chemicals or food ingredients.?

Snuff (chewing tobacco) mostened and placed on a hemroid will ease the swelling.Chew aspen bark to dure a headache.Clover leaves mixed in water makes a good field expedient douche.

Uses of Silicon Bronze?

Encyclopedia Britannica describes silicon bronze as a combination of approximately 96 percent copper with small amounts of silicon, manganese, tin, iron and/or zinc. With an extreme resistance to c... Read More »

Chlorine Dioxide Uses?

Chlorine dioxide (molecular formula ClO2) is a highly unstable light green/yellow gas. It is prepared by reacting sodium chlorite (NaClO2) with chlorine (Cl2). Chlorine dioxide gas is a strong oxid... Read More »

What Are the Uses of Carbon Dioxide Gas?

Carbon dioxide is an odorless (at very low concentrations), colorless gas that is stable at room temperature. Living creatures produce carbon dioxide as a waste product of respiration, which is the... Read More »