Common USA Flagpoles?

Answer Whether flying a large flag in front of a municipal building, or a more modest version in front of your home, there are a number of styles of flagpoles in the U.S. Flagpoles were originally made of... Read More »

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How to Make PVC Flagpoles?

Whether you want to fly Old Glory, the flag of your ancestors' country or the flag of your favorite sports team, you need a flagpole from which to hang the flag and display your loyalty. Using PVC ... Read More »

How to Install Large Flagpoles?

Whether you want to show off your national patriotism, home-state pride or ancestral heritage, a 25-foot or larger flagpole makes a statement in residential and commercial gardens. According to Anc... Read More »

What are some common household tips to cure common cold?

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If common areas in a housing community are still owned by title by the developer never titled to the Home Owners Association who is responsible for the upkeep and liability of those common areas?

This is not a legal answer; your answerer is not an attorney.If the association can verify that title remains in the developer's name, the association may be able to recover costs it has expended t... Read More »