Common Teen Hairstyles?

Answer Styles for teenagers change relatively quickly, but there are several that are common. Depending on what style your teen is into, he may wear one of several different styles that are common. Howeve... Read More »

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Why do people call teen pregnancy a mistake today if teen pregnancy was common in the old days?

Answer Teen pregnancy in the "Old Days" wasn't taboo because most girls were married before they were 17 so it was common to start their family because large families were also common to help out o... Read More »

How common is teen pregnancy?

Almost 750,000 U.S. women aged 15-19 become pregnant a year out of 6 million pregnancies over all in a year.

Rad Teen Emo Hairstyles?

Emo, or scene, hairstyles are common on teenagers who express themselves with their outer appearance. These hairstyles tend to be quite difficult to maintain as they involve a lot of hair-dyeing, b... Read More »

How to Do Teen Hairstyles?

Teen hairstyles often reflect individual personality and artistic style. Many teenagers opts for styles which are easy to manage for those who are on the go. Following the style of celebrities can ... Read More »