Common Spiders in the House?

Answer While most spiders inhabit woodland areas, gardens and fields, some spiders choose to live in the house and some even lay their eggs indoors. Many common house spiders are found during the autumn w... Read More »

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Common House Spiders in the UK?

There are around a dozen different types of house spider in the United Kingdom. A spider is considered a house spider if its habitat is a house or outbuilding (garage, garden shed, etc.). Most hous... Read More »

Common House Spiders in Canada?

"House spiders" are found in every home in the world. What many people do not know, however, is that many of them are not house spiders at all, but spiders that come from the outside world and choo... Read More »

Common House Spiders in Georgia?

Spiders, or arachnids, spin webs using organs located at the back of their bodies. They use these webs to trap insects, which are their primary food source. Many spiders live in southern states lik... Read More »

Common Spiders Found in the House?

House spiders often scare people because they are seen inside the home. They come in various sizes, and some are venomous. Knowing which spiders in the home are venomous can help you to avoid them.... Read More »