Common Spiders in New England?

Answer Hundreds of species of spiders can be found in the New England region. While some spiders are harder to find, some common species can be found throughout New England. From common house and garden s... Read More »

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Common Household Spiders?

Household spiders are useful predators that kill off the flies, crickets, mites and other pests in homes and gardens. Most spiders are harmless, yet notorious spiders such as the black widow and br... Read More »

Common Backyard Spiders?

According to the University of Maine Extension Pest Management Office, there are approximately 3,000 species of spiders in North America today alone, most of which are beneficial to the environment... Read More »

Common Georgia Spiders?

Just mention the word spider and some people run for the hills. Actually, these ominous looking looking little creatures are quite beneficial; they other insect populations under control. There are... Read More »

Common Orb Weaver Spiders?

Orb weaver spiders sometimes can be frightening because of their large size, intricate webs and the fact they are found all over the world, often in habitats shared by humans. However, they tend to... Read More »