Common Spiders & Insects in Michigan?

Answer Michigan is the land of Motown and motors. It is the winter wonderland and home to the massive Great Lakes. A place of pine trees and sand dunes; of fruits and forests. And it is a place of bugs an... Read More »

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Poisonous Spiders & Insects in Michigan?

While not incredibly common, in Michigan there are a couple of species of poisonous spiders. Often, kids grow up "playing" with daddy-longlegs and have heard the frequently told myth that the daddy... Read More »

Common House Spiders Found in Michigan?

Michigan is a state with its fair share of critters and crawlers. There are a number of spiders that can find their way into the homes of Wolverine State residents and set up shop, often without th... Read More »

Common Spiders Found in Michigan Bathrooms?

Spiders are rarely a welcome sight in any bathroom, but that doesn't stop them from somehow showing up there. Though Michigan's chilly climates ward off many dangerous spiders, a handful frequent M... Read More »

Do you kill insects or spiders or do you carefully put them outside?

Spiders - Catch them in a glass and put them out. My parents taught me to never kill spiders. Flies - swat them, they are repugnant and filthy. Big moths - give me the heebie jeebies, so I get some... Read More »