Common Spanish Words Used in English?

Answer The English language is a collection of many different languages. Some of the words we know and use everyday are actually from other cultures. With large Hispanic populations in many English speaki... Read More »

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How do I find a list of common Spanish words?

LibrariesFinding sources that provide a list of common Spanish words and phrases can be found at any public library, which typically allow you to check out a book for a period of time.BookstoresGo ... Read More »

What are the words 'insurance deductible' when translated from English to Spanish?

You say " seguro deducible"; but if it is a medical insurance then you say" Seguro medico deducible"

How to Say Common Words in Bengali?

Bengali language is spoken primarily in Bangladesh and the state of West Bengal in India. With nearly 230 million total speakers, Bengali is one of the sixth most spoken languages in the world.Ther... Read More »

What is a baby's most common first words?

For a boy it is usually ball. Since parents get their baby boy a ball to play with, he gets used to saying ball. For a girl, it is mama, or, if you have a dog, the girl's first word is dog. Not dog... Read More »