Common Soldering Metals?

Answer Solder is used to attach two pieces of metal together. The technology is similar to welding, but the joint is not as strong. Solder comes in malleable lengths of wire made up of a variety of metals... Read More »

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What Are the Similarities Metals & Nonmetals Have in Common?

Metals and nonmetals differ from each other in more ways than they are similar. In most cases, their properties oppose each other. Their similarities exist in their most basic aspects, such as stru... Read More »

What type of soldering iron is used for soldering jewelry?

Choosing the right type of jewelry soldering iron depends on the material with which you choose to solder. "Soft Solder" (or tin-based) can be heated with a simple fine-tipped electric soldering ir... Read More »

Science on the Similarities of Elements in Metals & Non-Metals?

Of the 100 or so known chemical elements, most are metals, such as cesium, iron and copper. A few elements, such as silicon, boron and tin, occupy a thin strip of territory on the periodic table ca... Read More »

Differences Between Transition Metals & Inner Transition Metals?

Transition metals and inner transition metals appear to be similar in the way they are categorized on the periodic table, but they have significant differences in their atomic structure and chemica... Read More »