Common Pollutants?

Answer Common pollutants are the most commonly found air pollutants in the U.S. and pose the greatest threat to your health and the environment. The six most-common air pollutants the U.S. Environmental P... Read More »

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NOx Pollutants?

NOx is the common named for the environmental pollutants nitrogen oxide and nitrogen dioxide. At high temperatures, nitrogen and oxygen react to create the pollutants. Together, NO and NO2 contribu... Read More »

How are pollutants generated?

Pollutants are generated as a byproduct of our convenience. The power that is supplied to our homes may come from coal-burning plants, which generate air pollution, or may come from nuclear power p... Read More »

How do you define pollutants?

Pollutants are chemicals or substances that can damage the health of the environment or people in high concentrations. Pollutants also affect resources by rendering them unusable.ClassificationPoll... Read More »

Pollutants in Seawater?

Several causes of seawater pollution that have a direct effect on the oceans and wildlife include discarded waste materials, toxic chemical disposal and oil leaks. Conversations relating to sea pol... Read More »