Common Pleas on Docket Sheets?

Answer A docket sheet lists the events in a case, normally in chronological order. Criminal case dockets will indicate how a defendant, or accused person, pleaded, or responded, to criminal charges. Commo... Read More »

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What is the code of ethics for the court of common pleas?

The code of ethics for any court of common pleas is a set of ethical standards and principles that judicial and court employees are required to adhere to. Many jurisdictions have adopted the Americ... Read More »

What district is Westmoreland County court of common pleas?

The court of common pleas in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, is located in the 10th judicial district. Pennsylvania has 60 judicial districts and 67 counties. As a result, most judicial district... Read More »

What Is a Docket Number?

A docket number is made up of numbers and letters and is used by the court to classify a case. A docket number is found on a docket, which is an official record book that lists cases that are to be... Read More »

What Are the Duties of a Docket Clerk?

Docket clerks play a critical support role for lawyers and judges in court as well as directly answering to the public. Most such positions require a minimum of two to four years of clerical experi... Read More »