Common Plants for Tennessee Gardens?

Answer With its long, warm summers and mild winters, Tennessee offers gardeners an excellent climate in which to grow a variety of garden plants. The weather in Tennessee even gets cold enough to grow man... Read More »

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List of Common Vegetable Gardens?

Aspiring gardeners can easily start a vegetable garden in their backyard using popular vegetable plants. Several plants such as broccoli, tomatoes, corn and cucumbers are popular for their easy pla... Read More »

Plants for Courtyard Gardens?

A courtyard is an open space that is surrounded by buildings or by walls. Creating a garden in the courtyard area in front of your home or business will enhance the curb appeal of your structure. I... Read More »

Plants for Bottle Gardens?

Terrariums, or bottle gardens, add feeling of freshness to your home along with a splash of color and visual interest. Though children's terrariums often grow in plastic containers, you can make a ... Read More »

Plants for Boggy Gardens?

If you build an earthen pond, you are likely to have a boggy area around it or at the shallow end. This area doesn't need to be a muddy, unattractive mess because there are several plants that love... Read More »