Common Mistakes in English Pronunciation?

Answer English pronunciation errors are sometimes specific to speakers of a certain language. However, many pronunciation errors are made by English language learners from different countries. Also, it is... Read More »

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Common Mistakes in Spoken English?

Often, in foreign countries being able to speak English will give you a favored advantage among non-English speakers and will open up doors to higher paying job prospects. However, mastering this l... Read More »

Common Mistakes in Speaking English?

Even native English speakers sometimes speak incorrectly. Parents and teachers frequently correct inappropriate uses of phrases such as "can I" and "may I," and words such as "bad" and "badly." How... Read More »

Common Mistakes in English Grammar Tenses?

English grammar mistakes in the area of tenses are common and easy to make. Building better grammar skills is easy with practice. Making mistakes with verb tense is common and easy to do. A review ... Read More »

Common Mistakes That Students Make in English Language Contextual Learning?

Learning a new language can be hard and frustrating. There is confusion of grammatical rules between the person's native language and the language that he or she is trying to learn. Common errors t... Read More »