Common Marigold?

Answer The common marigold (Calendula officinalis), also called the pot marigold, produces brilliant yellow and orange blooms throughout the summer. An annual, the plant only lives through the growing sea... Read More »

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Marigold Seed Harvest?

With their sunny flowers and easy care, marigolds (Tagetes sp.) make their way into many gardens year after year. Besides having attractive blooms, marigolds also repel many vegetable garden pests.... Read More »

Marigold Swordtail Facts?

Marigold swordtails are a type of freshwater aquarium fish that originate from Central America. They are a popular small fish for tanks, and like all Xiphophorus helleri, or swordtails, they are re... Read More »

Information on the Water Marigold?

The water marigold (Bidens beckii) is an aquatic plant of the United States and southern Canada. It grows in the shallows of sluggish streams, ponds and lakes. This interesting species features two... Read More »

Can a marigold be a house plant?

While many gardeners use marigolds outdoors as a border or edge plant, you can grow them indoors year-round. They do best in full sun, preferably in a south-facing window. Try choosing a dwarf vari... Read More »