Common Lawn Treatments?

Answer Your lawn is the first thing that visitors see when coming to your house. A good-looking lawn involves more than just watering and mowing. It also involves a variety of treatments that help your la... Read More »

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Spring Lawn Treatments?

As soon as the weather starts to get warm, excited landscapers and homeowners get ready for a warm season of lawn maintenance and grooming. This maintenance can begin in early spring, allowing your... Read More »

Lime Treatments for the Lawn?

One part of lawn care that is often overlooked is the application of lime to the soil. Lime is primarily used to reduce the acidity of the soil. This is something that is needed in older and newer ... Read More »

What are the treatments for moles in a lawn?

You have worked and landscaped your lawn into the pride of the neighborhood. Suddenly small humps appear all over your masterpiece. The culprit is the dreaded mole who can ravage a manicured lawn i... Read More »

Lawn Grub Treatments in Idaho?

Lawn grubs are a common insect pest in Idaho lawns. They can be hard to control as they mature. Scarab beetles and May and June bugs lay eggs in the summer which become grubs. They do their damage ... Read More »