Common Japanese Flowers?

Answer Flowers are an important part of Japanese culture, both appearing in works of art and having an entire discipline dedicated to them, called ikebana, or flower arranging. Many different types of flo... Read More »

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How to Draw Japanese Flowers?

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Should I Send Flowers to a Japanese Funeral?

Accounting is the process a company uses to record and report financial transactions. Most businesses use some form of accounting in their business operations. Formulas are mathematical calculation... Read More »

Common Monocot Flowers?

Flowering plants are classified as either monocots or dicots. The easiest way to distinguish a monocot is by counting the the number of petals. Monocots grow petals--along with leaves and sepals--i... Read More »

Common Australian Flowers?

The ecologically diverse landscape of Australia is home to nearly 20,000 varieties of plant life, according to A.D. Chapman, author of the "Numbers of Living Species in Australia and the World." Al... Read More »