Common Household Spiders?

Answer Household spiders are useful predators that kill off the flies, crickets, mites and other pests in homes and gardens. Most spiders are harmless, yet notorious spiders such as the black widow and br... Read More »

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Common Household Spiders in Texas?

According to the Spiders of Texas website, Texas has 1,003 species of spiders, and many more have not yet been discovered. While many spiders can be found throughout the state's varied environments... Read More »

What are some common household tips to cure common cold?

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What are the benefits/ consequences for eating household spiders?

Benefit: Spiders are high in protein.Consequence: I'd get rid of their fangs first.

Common Outdoor Spiders?

Common outdoor spiders have a reputation for being "creepy" or even dangerous, but they are actually beneficial to humans. Because all spiders are predators, they consume millions of insects that w... Read More »