Common Herbivores in Rain Forests?

Answer Rain forests provide habitat for a variety of animal species. Herbivores are classified as primary consumers as their diet consists of vegetation. Despite little plant growth on rain forest floors ... Read More »

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Why do people cut down rain forests?

According to the information website Rain-Tree rain forests are being cut down for several reasons. The California Institute of Technology says the destruction of rain forests has many harmful effe... Read More »

Canopy Layer of Rain Forests?

The Missouri Botanical Garden defines tropical rain forests as lush green ecosystems that experience consistent rainfall all year and are rich in species diversity. The canopy layer of a rain fores... Read More »

How much of the earth do rain forests now cover?

Rain forests once covered up to 14 percent of the earth, but due to logging and industrialization, many of the rain forests have been destroyed. According to RainTree, as of March 2010 only 6 perce... Read More »

Does mint grow in rain forests?