Common Georgia Spiders?

Answer Just mention the word spider and some people run for the hills. Actually, these ominous looking looking little creatures are quite beneficial; they other insect populations under control. There are... Read More »

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Common House Spiders in Georgia?

Spiders, or arachnids, spin webs using organs located at the back of their bodies. They use these webs to trap insects, which are their primary food source. Many spiders live in southern states lik... Read More »

Poisonous Spiders of Georgia?

Georgia, like much of the American South has its fair share of dangerous critters. Aside from the wild animals and venomous snakes that inhabit the Peach State, there are three species of spiders w... Read More »

Common Maryland Spiders?

Maryland has a healthy population of spiders within its borders. All of these species subsist on insects and other small creatures they capture. Spiders have eight legs, as opposed to the six that... Read More »

Common Spiders in New England?

Hundreds of species of spiders can be found in the New England region. While some spiders are harder to find, some common species can be found throughout New England. From common house and garden s... Read More »