Common Flowers in Kansas?

Answer The rich soil of Kansas accounts for the prime farmland that covers almost half of the state. This soil not only makes Kansas the leader in wheat production, but also supports a wide variety of wil... Read More »

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Common Names of Kansas Spiders?

Where there are insects, you will likely find spiders. They may give you the creeps, but spiders serve an important role in nature by helping keep the insect population under control. Unfortunately... Read More »

Common Potted Flowers?

Several hundred varieties of flowers thrive in pots, and potted flowers are a pleasant addition to porches and walkways as well as inside a home. Most potted flowers prefer well-drained, moist soil... Read More »

Common Poisonous Flowers?

Plants and flowers are used in decoration, symbolism and medicine. But beautiful flowers can be dangerous and even deadly when consumed. Knowing which flowers are poisonous is important to know whe... Read More »

Common Corsage Flowers?

A corsage is a flower or small group of flowers commonly worn on the wrist, but they can also be pinned on a dress or shirt. Traditionally, a corsage is given to a girl on the occasion of a prom or... Read More »