Common Figures of Speech?

Answer A figure of speech is the use of linguistic expression to convey an effect on the listener or reader. Some figures of speech use language in a non-literal way to illustrate an image. Others make us... Read More »

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How to Teach Figures of Speech to Children?

As adults, we often use figures of speech in our daily vernacular and think nothing of it, but to a child, these figures of speech may be confusing. When a child hears a figure of speech, such as "... Read More »

List of Five Types of Figures of Speech?

Unlike literal language, which states exactly what it means, figurative language engages the imagination through indirection. Figures of speech compare concepts to more familiar objects or concepts... Read More »

What Are Some Types of Imagery in Figures of Speech?

Imagery fuels many figures of speech. By making language a sensory experience, imagery endows speech with the power to evoke a strong, immediate emotional reaction. "Bone chilling cold" evokes the... Read More »

How to Use Poems to Teach Figures Of Speech & Other Areas of the Language Arts?

Figures of speech are used in poetry in order to emphasize a statement, or to give the reader a comparison to visualize. Metaphors compare two things that are not alike. Similes compare two or more... Read More »