Common ESOL Mistakes?

Answer For foreign individuals, learning the English language for the first time can be difficult. Compared to other languages, there are many rules to properly communicate in English. English for Speaker... Read More »

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Common Application Mistakes?

An application should provide factual, accurate and honest information to a potential employer. The applicant simply has to come prepared to fill out the application, read all of the questions care... Read More »

Four Common Mistakes of Plagiarism?

Unintentional or intentional, plagiarism is the use of someone else's ideas and passing them off as your own in writing. When you plagiarize someone's written work, whether in part or entirely, you... Read More »

How to Fix Common Beauty Mistakes?

Don't know how to apply makeup like an expert? You're not alone. With the right training and a few golden makeup tricks, you can erase common beauty mistakes with the skill of a master makeup magic... Read More »

How to Avoid the Common TN (TN1) Visa Mistakes?

When applying for your TN1 (TN) Visa, know the common mistakes that get people rejected and ensure you avoid them. Since 9/11 and other various terrorist attacks, Immigration Officers have been scr... Read More »