Common Diseases of Maple Tree Limbs?

Answer With approximately 100 species, 14 of which are native to North America, maple trees are prolific throughout urban, rural and suburban landscapes. Ornamental Japanese maples grow to heights of 8 fe... Read More »

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How do I cut the limbs from a cedar tree?

Decide Whether Pruning is NecessaryConsider whether cedar limbs really need to be removed before making any cuts at all. Cedar trees do not usually require extensive pruning and may be permanently ... Read More »

Tools to Cut Tree Limbs?

Pruning trees can be a necessary part of maintaining the landscape. Pruning can help keep trees healthy and remove hidden dangers, such as weak tree limbs and limbs that are blocking walkways. Prun... Read More »

How to Add Limbs to a Peach Tree?

It's much easier to remove limbs from a peach tree than it is to add them, but it can be accomplished through a process called grafting. Grafting melds an existing branch on a host tree with a fres... Read More »

How do I bend tree limbs for furniture?

Bending Tree Limbs for FurnitureConstruct a steam box from a piece of PVC pipe. The length and diameter of the pipe is determined by the size of the wood you need to bend. Drill a 1/2-inch hole in ... Read More »