Common Clutch Problems?

Answer A car's clutch uses friction between the clutch plate and the wheels to allow drivers to shift gears. Because of this, a clutch will eventually wear down to the point of failure. Smooth shifting, a... Read More »

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Wet Clutch Problems?

For a motorcycle to be able to change gears while running, it needs a clutch to disengage the transmission from the crankshaft and combustion process. Many motorcycle clutches operate "wet" or bath... Read More »

Vanagon Clutch Problems?

The clutch system in a Volkswagen Vanagon involves the actuation of the master cylinder (once the clutch pedal depresses) which drives hydraulic fluid to the slave cylinder, which disengages the cl... Read More »

VW Jetta Clutch Problems?

The Volkswagen (VW) Jetta has several recalls on the brake systems, according to None of the recent recalls have been about the problems Jetta owners have with the clutch system on t... Read More »

1998 S-10: Clutch Problems?

The 1998 Chevrolet S-10's clutch system has several components, the main ones are:clutch master cylinder, clutch slave cylinder, clutch disc and throw out bearing. If any one of these components fa... Read More »