Common Clutch Problems?

Answer A car's clutch uses friction between the clutch plate and the wheels to allow drivers to shift gears. Because of this, a clutch will eventually wear down to the point of failure. Smooth shifting, a... Read More »

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Problems With a Clutch?

The clutch is an essential part of an automotive vehicle, but since it's a component that's frequently in use during journeys, it's vulnerable to a range of problems. Many of these are a result of... Read More »

Wet Clutch Problems?

For a motorcycle to be able to change gears while running, it needs a clutch to disengage the transmission from the crankshaft and combustion process. Many motorcycle clutches operate "wet" or bath... Read More »

Vanagon Clutch Problems?

The clutch system in a Volkswagen Vanagon involves the actuation of the master cylinder (once the clutch pedal depresses) which drives hydraulic fluid to the slave cylinder, which disengages the cl... Read More »

Clutch Bleeding Problems?

A clutch system refers to a method of engaging and disengaging a vehicle engine from its transmission. If air becomes trapped in the hydraulic line, it compresses, preventing proper hydraulic funct... Read More »