Common Classroom Accommodations?

Answer Classrooms that lack the proper accommodations create an atmosphere that can negatively impact the learning process. The teacher should make sure that all students are being accommodated so that th... Read More »

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List of Classroom Accommodations?

Classroom accommodations can assist learners with a variety of needs. Accommodations are changes to the routines, equipment or procedures that can help the student be more successful. Many special ... Read More »

How to Manage 504 Accommodations in the Classroom?

If there are students on your class roster with 504 accommodations, you need to do a little homework before your first day of school. These accommodations are granted by your school district's Comm... Read More »

Disruptive Behavior Accommodations in the Classroom?

In most classes, teachers will find at least one student who is disruptive. Often these disruptions are intentional on the student's part, and can be dealt with through disciplinary channels in th... Read More »

Classroom Accommodations for Spelling Difficulties?

As an educator, you have experienced difficulties in teaching certain subjects to children. Spelling, in particular, is a subject that most students find themselves struggling with during the earl... Read More »