Common Bacterias From Storm Drain Pipes?

Answer A critical part in protecting humans from bacterial infection is to track potential natural sources of bacteria, not only to understand why the bacteria are there but to determine how to prevent it... Read More »

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How to Drain Copper Pipes?

Drain copper pipes before making new connections, fixing leaks or before winter to prevent the pipes from freezing and bursting. Draining the pipes before maintenance keeps the work area dry. Drain... Read More »

Should you drain your pipes if you leave on vacation?

Homeowners who are going on vacation for longer than three days should shut their home's water off. If the vacation is during the warmer months, you typically don't need to drain your pipes. Howeve... Read More »

How to Install Drain Pipes for Bathtubs?

A bathtub uses different pipes to drain water from the main drain and the overflow drain, connecting the two drains together with a piece of pipe called a sanitary tee. Installing a bathtub's drain... Read More »

How to Clean Build Up From Drain Pipes?

Buildup accumulates quickly in your drains, and it's something you cannot examine or view as it builds. You typically pay attention to the buildup when one of two things happens: you either smell a... Read More »