Common Bacterias From Storm Drain Pipes?

Answer A critical part in protecting humans from bacterial infection is to track potential natural sources of bacteria, not only to understand why the bacteria are there but to determine how to prevent it... Read More »

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How to Clean Build Up From Drain Pipes?

Buildup accumulates quickly in your drains, and it's something you cannot examine or view as it builds. You typically pay attention to the buildup when one of two things happens: you either smell a... Read More »

How do I keep slime from building up in drain pipes?

Run the water in a faucet until it is as hot as it gets. Fill a bucket with a gallon of the hot water. Pour in 1 cup of bleach.Pour the mixture down the drain.Repeat this process at least once a we... Read More »

How to Keep Slime From Building Up in Drain Pipes?

Drain pipes are one of those things that most people don't give much thought until the day that the water just sits in the sink or the bath tub without moving. Clogged pipes and the gunk inside the... Read More »

How to Remove Sludge Build-Up From Drain Pipes?

Nobody likes the nasty odors and slow drainage caused by sludge build-up in drain pipes. Calling a plumber each time the drain slows down is costly, time-consuming and inconvenient. You have severa... Read More »