Common Animals Heard in Jungle Movies?

Answer In movies which take place in jungles, viewers may see a variety of animals. However, these movies may only use an animal's sound as part of the audio, but not actually show them on screen, which l... Read More »

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Any one ever heard of taking a zinc supplement for the common cold?

yes zinc can help overcome a cold, but it's not the only thing you will need. Zinc helps stop the production of bacteria that spreads during a cold. What you also need is more vitamin A, C, B-co... Read More »

What animals have NOT been used in common media ie tv books videos?

Doesn't belong. Children are watching the cartoons and this exposes them to things that they do not need to be exposed to.

What kinds of grains& plants are common sources for carbohydrates in animals?

Carbohydrates are composed of simple sugars. They are classified as either fiber or nonfiber carbohydrates. Fiber from carbohydrates is important for lower intestinal motility and aids in the produ... Read More »

Do animals feel pain i heard that they don't have the part of the brain that feels pain, is this true?

YES THEY FEEL PAIN! Why else would they cry when you hurt them (whimper)?