Commercial Underwriter Job Description?

Answer Insurance companies promise to pay out a certain amount of money to their customers whenever unfortunate events occur that are covered under the insurance policy. Whenever one of these events occur... Read More »

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Job Description of a Processing Underwriter?

A processing underwriter is a job that requires a person with meticulous job skills. An underwriter is responsible for approving or denying mortgages loans. An underwriter can also work for insuran... Read More »

Job Description of an Assistant Insurance Underwriter?

The role of an assistant insurance underwriter is extremely important to the insurance industry. The job involves weighing a number of factors to decide if an insurance application should be accept... Read More »

Commercial Producer Job Description?

Commercial producers are television, film and Internet multimedia producers who are responsible for financing, overseeing and sometimes even creating multimedia products that are meant to be sold t... Read More »

Commercial Truck Dispatcher Job Description?

Commercial truck dispatchers work as a liaison between truckers on the road and company headquarters by relaying orders. They are also responsible for scheduling routes and monitoring progress. Dis... Read More »