Commercial Kitchen Flooring Options?

Answer When it comes to commercial kitchen flooring, there are a variety of options. As long as health codes approve it, you can use most kinds of flooring in your commercial kitchen. Health codes usually... Read More »

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Waterproof Flooring Options?

When moisture of any form finds its way underneath your floor, it can be very inconvenient and expensive to remedy. Choosing a flooring option that effectively repels water can be very useful in ce... Read More »

Industrial Flooring Options?

Flooring an industrial building could prove a challenge with regards to choice and expenses incurred in installation. With the contact the floor comes into with people, machinery and corrosive chem... Read More »

Flooring Options for a Sunporch?

The bright light in your sun porch is good for you, but it can be bad for the floor. UV rays will fade the colors of linoleum and vinyl, and wood surfaces don't fare much better under direct sunlig... Read More »

Flooring Options for Stairs?

Flooring for stairs goes beyond decor solutions. The flooring selected should also take into consideration the functionality and structure of the staircase. There are a variety of different floor... Read More »